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Perfect Angle
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Our company is based on a strong background in electronics, merchandising, and sales. We’ve installed over 1000 TVs some in homes and some in stores such as Best Buy and Target. With such a strong knowledge of TVs, it makes it easy to ask us the right questions like:
What mount should I buy?
How big should the TV be?
What height should the TV be mounted?

These are the types of questions that the average Joe who “just installs TVs” will not know.

Flat TV Mounting on a Wall
Perfect Angle TV Install

The Other Guy

Average Joe
Limited Knowlege

Some customers just want the TV hung and that’s okay, but most of our clients are the type who really want the best experience in their home theater. After all, if you’re going to spend 2k dollars on a TV, do you really want someone with no knowledge of the product to install it for you? We provide technical support, we set up the TV for you, we let you know the best placement for the TV, and recommend the adequate soundbar or surround sound setup to create a fully immersive experience. Joe installer will not know anything other than putting screws in the wall and that’s just not what we’re about!

Very Limited Skills for Cable Wire Installtion
Picture taken from customer's house

Perfect Angle

We show up ready to work with the right tools for the job, at Perfect Angle we are always prepared for tough installations which means dealing with jobs that are just sometimes too much for the average Joe. We run wires through attics and basements in order to really create our customers vision. We always show up with extra mounts, HDMI cables, electrical cable, outlets, and special wall plates for cable wiring.

We’re the company you call when your installer says, “sorry, I don’t do that type of work.”

TV Mount
Proper plate mounting

Average Joe
Very Limited Skills

We’ve seen the most unprofessional jobs and heard terrible stories about clients who have hired “the wrong guy for the job” and trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. When power cords are placed in the wall it is a sign of inexperience, we’ve seen holes just drilled in walls and left there without the proper drywall boxes and coverings, over time these boxes will fall out and will leave your wall looking very untidy. We’ve seen TV bolts falling off mounts, and we’ve seen cables split and spliced inside of the wall illegally (fire hazard.) We’ve heard things like, “he really didn’t seem to know what he was doing” and we’ve heard this over and over again. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong guy, hire us first and save yourself the headache and the money.

Incorrect plate mounting
Incorrect plate mounting

Perfect Angle
Advanced Wiring Skills

We can run cords from your attic or basement, and we can drill through cross beams without breaking your drywall. The most complicated installs are the ones that we excel in. Running a coaxial cable from behind your TV takes skill because we install a special wall plate that requires the proper compression fittings to be installed. Even the most experienced installers will not know how to do this which is really what separates us from others.

clean cable wire installation service
Clean wire installation

Big Box Stores / Cable Guy / Average Joe
Limited Skills

Some people choose to get their TV installed by the big box store that they purchased the TV from. What we’ve found from our customers is that these stores are very limited in what they can do for you. For instance, a big box store can run AV wires for you, but will not run electrical for you for the TV. Your cable guy can definitely drill a hole through your exterior wall, but will often run the coaxial cable across your baseboard, around the trim on your doors, or underneath your carpet. Average Joe will often lack the skills, knowledge, and will not have the tools or materials required for this job.

Inappropriate cable wire installation
Inappropriate wire installation

Perfect Angle

This is what we do for a living, and we always tell our clients the truth about pricing and exactly when we think we will be done with your project. Customer service is important to us as we know your experience with us will impact your decision to leave us a review or refer us to your friends, family, and neighbors. It is only right that we treat our customers with the same respect and honesty that we would treat our own family and friends with.

A man installing a LED
Count on us!

Average Joe
Bad Customer Service

These average joe installers are usually worth what they sell. They are often cheaper than everyone else, and just want to get in and get out. They are usually very unorganized, lack the proper tools and knowledge for the job. These are the guys that will take your money and run without picking up the phone. It’s important to know who is touching your expensive technology as there could be severe consequences in someone doing something that they have little experience doing.
Messy wiring
Messy wiring
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