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At Perfect Angle it’s an absolute delight to install TVs, build custom theaters, and fish wires through walls. That feeling of pressing the power button for the first time or zip tying an HDMI cable into the perfect position is what we live for. Our LOVE for home theater is what separates us from the average joe installer, and it shows in our work.

We Are Insured!

We Are Insured!

Our Services

Toughest Installations

We've absolutely crushed the hardest of installations. From cutting through solid wood, to climbing through attics and crawl spaces. We've seen it all, and we are PREPARED.

Unsightly Coaxial Wires

Ever had a cable guy come into your house and run a cable wire up the side of your wall, around the trim on your door, and across your baseboard? We've seen the most ridiculous wiring from cable companies and it's almost comical. We can run the wires behind the wall from the attic, or behind your baseboard so that the cable company can just come in and connect it, or we can rewire and fix problems at your main splitter.

free advice

Our advice is free, why not ask us a question? We can help you choose the right mount, soundbar, or TV. Give us a call and ask us!

Security Cameras

We install indoor & outdoor Wi-Fi cameras. Ask!


Outdoor light fixtures, indoor lighting, LED accent lighting around crown molding, and outdoor yard lighting are just some of the services we offer.

Indoor & outdoor Projectors

We don't just do TVs here, we also create outdoor and indoor projector setups. From rolling carts to full basement remodels - We do it all!

Clean Wire Installation

A lot of "installers" place the TV cord through the wall. This is not safe and could start a fire. Let us move the outlet behind your tv the proper way. Trust us, we've seen some really dangerous things done by average joe installer.

Home Automation

Let us set up your Alexa, Nest Thermostats, and Google Homes! Routers, modems, and cable boxes are not a problem at Perfect Angle. We also setup computers and place TVs on stands right out of the box.

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Perfect Angle VS The Other Guy

We can’t stress the importance of hiring someone who knows what they’re doing.
We’ve seen power cords spliced with tape and shoved trough walls, wall plates broken and falling out of the drywall, and TVs falling off of mounts. Protect your investment and have your tv installed by a pro!

TV Installation Pricing

For most of our TV mounting services we have set pricing! Take a look at the following options and see how much your TV install will cost you. We have various amounts of add-ons and customizations to choose from. If you do not see what you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to give you a quote! For same or next day installation (rush orders) please contact us directly.


TVs UP TO 42"


TVs Larger than 42"

Our Products

  • Large Full Motion Mount $175

    We sell a full motion mount with two arms that allows proper support of your TV. It provides a full motion swing that is good for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens!

  • Super Flush Gallery Mount$150

    Some people like their TV to feel like more of a painting on the wall or a window. Some Sony and LG TVs are excellent for this type of mount as they allow for the lowest profile when mounting.

  • Tilting Mount$135

    This is great for bedroom installations where the TV will not need to be pulled out. It provides the best angle for you while you're sitting in bed without having to sit completely up to see the TV.

  • Surge Outlet$50

    This is a special type of outlet that comes warranted from the manufacturer to cover a certain amount if your TV was to become damaged by lightning or other types of electrical surges. This is suggested for TVs that are higher in value such as Sony XBR series or Samsung Q Series.

  • 10' HDMI Cable$40

    This type of cable is required when placing a TV on a wall with a full motion mount, and is the suggested length when placing any AV cords through the wall.

Featured Products

At Perfect Angle we know the best products to use for your installation because well, we install them! Who better to buy from than the person that will be doing the installing? Take a look at our preferred products to work with.

Samsung Frame TV

Doesn't this TV look so incredibly close to a painting? Take a look!

Samsung Frame TV

Doesn't this TV look so incredibly close to a painting? Take a look!

Floating Shelf

Complete your installation with a beautiful floating shelf!


Simply pull down the mount when sitting on the couch, and push it back up when cooking or having a little party!

Harmony Remote

These Logitech Harmony remotes are an excellent choice when choosing a remote that is reliable and can work on multiple devices!


Flat TV Mounting on a Wall
Mesh Network

Anthony Breese


“At the end of the day things cost money, materials, gas, tools, and time, but the most important thing to me is that my work is built to last so the next generation of people can enjoy it too. Something that my clients will be proud to hand over to their children is something that I strive for in my business.”

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