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Feel free to let us know the size and model of your TV a few days beforehand, this way we can ensure the proper fit for your specific needs.

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Qualifying Questions

Our process of hanging TVs has been perfected from thousands of TV installations, and it all starts with the right questions.
Where will the TV be mounted?

What size is the TV?

Will it be on an exterior wall?

Do you want electric behind the TV?

Do you want the AV cables in the wall?

Do you want us to run the Cable Wire behind the wall?

Do you want us to provide the mount or HDMI Cables?

Proper Placement

TV Install

Living Room Placement:

We first start with finding the most tactical location for your TV to be installed.  Most of our clients already have a home theater setup and just want us to place the TV on the wall.  Our next process is finding the proper height for the comfortability of our clients.  In the living room, we always suggest mounting the TV at couch height allowing them to watch the TV without straining their neck during long movies.  Some customers want us to mount TVs above fireplaces which is often too high for the average living room, this is however good for people who have a lot of parties where guests will be standing most of the time.  A full-motion mount will be a great addition to this type of room.

TV Install

Bedroom Placement: 

This is the second most common place to put a TV, we recommend an average size just below or above 50″ for the bedroom.  32″ is often the most common, but 42″ or above makes for a much better experience.  In the bedroom, we suggest placing the TV at a much higher position as to not strain the neck while lying down or even in a propped up position on the bed.  A mount with some kind of tilting action is required to get the proper angle while in this position.

tv wall mount installation service Long Island

Running The Wires

The next step in our process is to start cutting the holes for the wires and electrical cables.  It is important that we map out this procedure after test mounting the TV as we will want the cables to be properly routed from behind the wall.  After determining the location of the outlet we start to cut the holes and mount the correct drywall mounted boxes.  These boxes are essential to every install as they allow the homeowner to pull the TV back and forth without the wall plate falling out of the wall.  We often see wall plates installed into the drywall, and they are often already falling off after the first few weeks of installation.  We then ask the client how many cables they would like ran through the wall, this ensures that our installation is future proof and that you will be happy with our work years down the road.

tv wall mount installation service Long Island

The Setup

The Setup This is our favorite part, it’s that complementary part of the job after we get to share with you the satisfaction of our good work. We get to show you how to use your brand new TV and how to use it too! You might learn some new features you never knew existed during this process. This is always the best part of our job, and we feel extremely comfortable when teaching our clients. We like to hang back after our installs to answer any questions that our customers have, and no question is too small or too big for us! Asking us questions before we leave means that you will have the knowledge you need to get the most out of your new purchase. We like our customers to feel the most value possible when using us. Ask away, we always say!

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