Building an AV room

We have built a wide range of projects from full basement remodels to retrofit movie theater installs.  We design full racks, we run the wires, we work with your contractor, and we can also recommend a contractor for your basement remodel.

Pre-Screening Questions

To best prepare you, we have a few questions for you to think about before you call us!

Is this a new construction project?

If so, do you have a contractor already?

Do you know what kind of projector you will be installing?

Do you have electric already ran?

The Movie Theater Process

The Rack

It’s the heart and soul of every project because it houses all the most important equipment.  Here we will be placing your amplifiers, receivers, power conditioner, your Wi-Fi routers, cable boxes, and Blu-ray players.  Most people overlook these and place their items on a set of plastic shelves, or a bookshelf type of setup.  The most important thing is that your equipment is protected by a power conditioner, and allows for the correct ventilation and cooling.

Functionality & Accessibility

When we have so many components coming together we have to think not only about how it’s going to look, feel, and sound, but also we need to think about how easy this room will be to use.  It’s important for everyone in the family to be able to pick up the remote and simply press a button and enjoy!  That’s what we are here for, to help you answer those tough questions and solve those difficult problems.  If the room will be used for gaming we always recommend an in-room cabinet to house your gaming system or Blu-ray, because nobody wants to go into their closet just to change a disc!  We provide remote controls that will control the volume on your receiver, turn on your projector, switch your receiver to the correct input, and also dim the lights with every different activity.

Roughing The Wires

This step is so crucial because, without the correct wiring and preparation, our theater can fall apart quickly.  When we rough in a theater we think about running extra cables, future-proof cables that will work for your next retrofit in 10 years, and we think about leaving the extra length we need in case these get damaged by the drywallers or painters.  We use the correct gauge wire, we protect everything with surge protection and conditioning, and we use the correct HDMI cables for the distance to provide the best user experience, we make this process easy whether you are using your own contractor or using someone we recommended.

Projector & The Screen

When we install a projector we have a lot of different options to choose from and a lot of prep work goes into this.  Distance from the screen and the size of the screen are the key elements.  Once we find out what size screen we are able to put in the room the next step is to find out what kind of projector we are placing in the room.  There are short-throw projectors that can be mounted very close to the screen, and there are laser projectors that need to be mounted further from the screen.  Depending on the fabric of the projector screen we are also limited to what kind of projector we can use as well.  There are also special screens that allow for the speakers to be hidden behind the screen, and certain projectors will not work with this fabric.  These are the common things asked during our consultation, and it’s important to be prepared!
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