Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting we’ve got you covered and then some.  It takes a unique set of skills, design talent, and a lot of knowledge in order to make a good lighting system and we are no strangers when it comes to the field of lighting.  Let us take care of the design, the zoning, running the wires, and choosing the right system for you.

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App-Controlled Smart Lighting

When it comes to lighting up your home there are multiple types of lighting that go into a good design.  From color changing, multiple zones, up-lights, downlights, turf lights, and even lights that can be placed underwater to highlight fountain features we can do it all. The most common is the up-light which is used to light up your trees and bushes but can also be used to highlight the architecture of the house as well.  In this photo here we are using up lighting to highlight the pillars of the home, and we have step lighting that is placed conveniently inside of the steps to cascade down as you step off of your porch.

Types of Lighting

Down Lighting

When it comes to outdoor areas such as pergolas, showers, and porches we typically use down lighting to give a nice bright space without overwhelming the area.  These come in multiple different shades, styles, and color-changing options, and have special filters to make them appear more natural or give a “moonlight” effect in some cases.


Pendant Lighting

In this scenario here we have placed a down pendant light on a rock feature to highlight the area and to make it more visible from the street.  This allows the customer to see the home better when they arrive at night.  Without this feature, it was extremely difficult for the customer to find the home since this road in particular has no street lighting.

Pendant Lighting Example 2

Here we used a pendant light to give a cascading street light effect, it gives more space to the area and makes it feel more safe.  Where this parking lot was dark before it is now subtly lit and visible which takes away that feeling of being alone in a dark space.  With a blue light filter here we can make this look more natural like moonlighting to simulate a full moon effect.

9 LED Uplighting

When it comes to flag poles and other tall objects and trees a 9 LED up light can be used to highlight tall features.  Here on a flag pole, it is recommended based on the height of the pole to have two spotlights, one for the flag and one to illuminate the pole.  For other objects like tall bushes, we use 3 LED lights.

Uplighting and Wash Lighting

In this scene, we are using two 3 LED uplights to highlight these beautiful crepe myrtles in a lovely dark scene.  We can also see a bit of edge lighting or path lighting that really helps to highlight the edge of the parking lot at night so the homeowners and guests can visibly see the end of the lot.  At the same time, we can also see how a wider 3 LED wash light gives that really amazing washed-out look on the rock feature.  This is called washing the rocks, and it’s done with a wider lens than the traditional straight beam on a regular uplight.

Underwater Lighting

One of the most beautiful effects of a landscape is the water features, and without the proper lighting, they would disappear into this nightscape.  They leave behind a lustrous comfortable feeling that shines and glistens against any rock feature.  Adding color changing to a water feature is absolutely recommended as it gives just the right mood lighting to a romantic backdrop.

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