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We service Suffolk and Nassau County.  We service all over the island but for larger installations we’ve been known to travel out of state.

We specialize in complex installations because we also do construction.  We have the tools that most installers do not have, and therefore more complicated installations are short work.

We have several options for you if you have a fireplace installation, depending on the material we are mounting on.  There has yet to be an installation we were unable to solve.  Just give us a call.

In our experience it is best to let us bring our own materials to the job.  Although some customers may be more informed than others.  Often time it makes things more complicated for us when we aren’t working with materials we are used to.

At Perfect Angle we are experts in the field of technology and we encourage you to call us or message us regarding your installation prior or after for support.  We want you to feel comfortable knowing you made the best decision based on knowledge, skill, and ease of use.  Our advice is free.

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