Our Story

“At a young age I was completely obsessed with technology, and I borrowed my dad’s tools to drill a hole in my bedroom wall. I ran cables through the wall so that I could watch TV at night on my mini LCD. After selling cell phones for a few months at Staples I began to build my passion for sales and technology alike. I then became a salesman for the Sony Store and became obsessed with TVs and how they worked. I’d spend hours at home studying 4k and how TVs were made, and learning about the differences between 60hz and 120hz TVs. 

After just three months I became #1 in sales at the Sony Store in my district, and I believe it was all because my customers could tell I had a passion for what I did.
My customers got excited when they heard me talk about the products, and they were always impressed by the quality that I provided them in my demonstrations of the products.
I think that’s why my clients now appreciate my wealth of knowledge because I take something that can be boring and I make it interesting. I tell stories to make them understand what they are paying for. 

My favorite part of the job is the feeling of joy experienced when a customer presses that power button for the first time, and the feeling of appreciation when I sign into their Netflix on their brand new TV is something that fills me with unparalleled satisfaction.”

Tony – Owner