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The Samsung Frame TV

As an installer it’s not only my job to make the installation happen, but it’s also my job to educate my clients. Something my clients love about hiring me is that I can help them make all those difficult decisions. The ones based on specs, aesthetics, and comfortability of the installation are all something that separate me from other installers. I’m not only an installer, I’m also a very informed salesman. So when it comes to helping a customer choose the right product I’m here to be honest and forthcoming.

When we look at the flush style gallery mounted TVs these days we are blessed to be in a generation where our TVs are becoming more and more thin. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the TVs are getting any closer to the wall. In fact, a lot of companies have yet to solve one of the largest issues in the TV world. Where do I put the power? Samsung has taken care of this major problem and it has opened up a world of opportunity for my flush mount clients.

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By allowing power, audio, and visuals to go through one small cable we are able to take away the largest of the bulk. I’ve installed all kinds of flush mount TVs from LGs WX series, to Sony’s super flush XBR series with specially designed mounts. The problem with all of these TVs is not only the power cord but the fact that you are running the bulkiest HDMI cables to the back through the wall and to the back of the TV. As an installer I’ve found this to be the biggest issue with keeping the TV flat to the wall. LG also gets extremely close to the wall, however the main issue with the LG is that if your wall is not perfectly straight the mount tends to not click in properly, and the HDMI cables were so bulky it was very difficult to get the TV to stay close to the wall.

Samsung’s One Connect Box just makes sense as the wire is so small it is barely noticeable and small enough to run down brick walls. I’ve done installations where I was able to grind a channel in the mortar of a brick wall and simply tuck the wire in the channel! The wire is clear and blends in so incredibly well that we didn’t bother to paint it. Now the wall cable is not in-wall compliant, but this can easily be solved by buying Samsung’s in-wall compliant cable, or this issue can be fixed by simply running a 1.5inch flex conduit through the wall as the cable is supplying a low DC voltage to the TV through it’s fiberglass wire.

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The next topic I want to cover is the fact that this TV looks so incredibly close to a painting. I’ve sent this photo to people and they always ask, is that a painting? Which is truly the entire point of a gallery style flush mount is it not? Samsung offers a variety of different colors for the border of the TV and the frame simply snaps on magnetically. They also offer a subscription program where you can buy different pieces of art to display on the TV giving my customers that premier feeling that the TV just exists as art. I’ve also seen several other companies offering wooden style frames to give the TV a more illustrious look, and although these frames are at an extremely high price point some customers have said it is worth the money for the end result.

My closing argument to any person buying a TV for this one main reason is this one simple thing. If you want your TV to look like a painting and be completely flat against the wall, this is the ONLY mount that will deliver this look headache free. The Samsung Frame TV can be purchased from our website as well as accessories.

February 2nd, 2021

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Anthony Breese

Professional TV Installer, Contractor