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TV Installation

tv installation services long island

We’ve Installed thousands of TVs, and the one thing we’ve learned is to be prepared for anything. We’ve encountered solid wood behind walls, cross beams blocking wires from going through the wall, and electrical outlets where the plug falls right out. The one thing we are great at here at Perfect Angle is solving problems. Homes come in all shapes and sizes and are built different than others, and that’s why having so much experience leaves us so prepared for the toughest installations! Being prepared is why our level of service is unmatched as we are able to do more installations in a given week, which makes your wait time a whole lot shorter. We know how eager the TV in the family room can be, or how important the man cave is to a hardworking individual, and that is why we try not to keep our clients waiting.

Cable Wiring (Coaxial)

Ever had the cable guy show up and run a cord on top of your baseboard, over your door frame, and even on your ceiling? We’ve even seen coaxial cables thrown over the roof in an effort to save their energy from running the wire around the house. If you’ve been a victim of cable guy Joe give us a call. We can fix this issue for you! We run wires through attics, basements, and can even drill holes through exterior walls if needed. We can also set you up before the cable guy comes, to make it a lot easier for them to wire. A cable wire already behind the cable box is a lot less effort for the average cable guy, and you’ll appreciate it if moving to a new house.

tv wall mount installation service Long Island


projector installation services long island

We can setup projectors inside or outside! Ask us about building a rolling cart for presentations, pool parties, and more. We can set up a cart that just needs to be plugged in. There are all types of screens that you can set up from large to small, motorized to pull down. Let us know what your plans are. Don’t know what projector to choose? Let us order one, or recommend one for your specific needs. If you already have one in mind, feel free to ask us our opinion, we are here to help with any and all questions that you may have.

Home Automation & Internet

Ever wondered what it would feel like to ask Google or Alexa to dim the lights off right before a movie, set the temperature an hour before you get home so that you are nice and warm? We agree that an Amazon Alexa or Google Home make great gifts for our family members, but a lot of people don’t know the true potential of these devices. Let us unlock the magic of a smart home by providing you with our knowledge and experience. Allow us to make your life just a little bit easier at night by asking your smart host to turn the lights off in the bedroom, or even to turn the lights on after disabling your alarm!
Let us solve your internet connectivity issues in your home by installing a mesh Wi-Fi network. We can also install smart sinks, Nest thermostats, and more.

Home Automation services long island

Security Cameras

Security Cameras Installtion Services long island

We recommend Nest to anyone who wants a truly reliable service that provides the best alerts on movement both indoor and outdoor. Remove those bulky DVRs, because there’s nothing like real time cloud service to protect your home and make you feel safe. We can provide you with skins that camouflage your camera, and place them in the areas that we feel will help protect you and your family. Safety is our main concern when installing security cameras. Ask us about how we can set up hours of backup battery! We also setup door bell cams, which are great for monitoring package deliveries.

Lighting & Wiring

In order to really get this pristine look on your TV there has to be power in this location. Sometimes installers just put the tv cord through the wall which is against code and very dangerous as the tv cord is often not rated to go through the wall. Having an outlet behind the tv also allows for the cable box and other components to be plugged in as well. We also get requests while we are in someone’s home to put up exterior lights, install ceiling fans, and to install custom led lighting. LED Lighting is a great touch that just really makes your TV pop out! It also looks great in a movie theater setting to really give a strong effect of luxury. Having accent lighting also gives you the opportunity to let your eyes adjust to the room, and causes a more relaxing effect on your eyes after long hours of gaming or watching movies in the dark.

TV installation Specialist in Long Island

Outdoor Projects

In addition to this kind of work behind your TV we also can install outdoor outlets and run power to outdoor TV and home theater set ups. We trench and install custom outdoor TVs that are water resistant, with outlet boxes that are also mold and water resistant as well! We install concrete footers and place hidden speakers on your patio. Request a free quote on how we can help you install lighting, outdoor outlets, outdoor TVs, and more!

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