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At Perfect Angle we know the best products to use for your installation because well, we install them! Who better to buy from than the person that will be doing the installing? Take a look at our preferred products to work with.

Samsung Frame TV

We absolutely love the Samsung Frame TV here at Perfect Angle. It is quite possibly the only TV of it’s kind that will actually sit flush against the wall. We’ve installed several gallery style TVs but we’ve never come across one that would sit totally flush to the wall… until now! Samsung’s all in one box is a really important feature to this style of mounting because it allows you to get more flush then ever before. By removing those bulky HDMI cords and even the need for an outlet behind your TV you save space in the toughest areas! Take a look at a recent installation we did on a brick wall. We were able to grind out the brick mortar and simply tuck the wire into the mortar lines. Can you see the wire?

The Samsung Frame comes in various different sizes so be sure to choose the one that fits your application the best!

Contact us for more models.

Floating Shelf

Complete your installation with this amazing floating shelf. If you’re a person that likes their XBOX, PS4, or Blu Ray Player then this is the right shelf for you! It allows a seamless look while adding style to your installation. We complete the installation by adding power in the wall behind the shelf as well as an access panel for HDMI cables. You can mount your soundbar on top as well to avoid the unnecessary hassle of mounting it to the wall! We have many styles of shelves to choose from that range in style, size, and also with cabinets, ask!

Harmony Remote

Are you installing a home theater with a projector? These Logitech Harmony remotes are an excellent choice when choosing a remote that is reliable and can work on multiple devices. We can even program them to the Leviton dimmer switch to turn the lights off in the room as your projector kicks on. Such a necessary feature in a projector room! Ask us how we can program the Logitech Harmony Remote in your home theater!


Our customers are raving about this mount! Mantelmount is a company that goes right along with our motto. Watching the TV at the Perfect Angle is what we strive for and Mantelmount makes this possible for fireplace mounters. If you have a fireplace with wood studs then this is the mount you NEED to have installed in order to receive the best picture. Simply pull down the mount when sitting on the couch, and push it back up when cooking or having a little party! It’s the perfect TV mount for the Perfect Angle. The Mantelmount comes in various models including one that moves up and down electronically! Ask us how you can get this beautiful product today.

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